[Update] 3DS eShop launching in May for Japan

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It appears the 3DS won’t have access to the eShop when the handheld launches next month in Japan. A report from Nikkei, via Wired, says the 3DS eShop has been put on hold until May. This will prevent gamers in Japan from downloading classic Game Boy, Game Boy Color, DSiWare and 3DS games at launch.

This information was shared during a Nintendo investors meeting. Solid details won’t become available until Nintendo releases a complete transcript of the meeting.

Nikkei recently broke the news about Sony’s NGP having 3G support and a 5-inch OLED screen.

Though the Wired report says only the eShop application has been delayed, Kotaku reports the web browser and DSiWare game transfers will also not be unavailable until May.

There is still no word on when North American territories will get the 3DS eShop. A Nintendo representative for European territories said the eShop and internet browser would be released through a software update “on day one.”

Since release dates for products and services differ depending on what part of the world you live in, it’s hard to tell if all the information we have is accurate, or if this is the result of different Nintendo territories not communicating with each other effectively.

Update: Nintendo has released the transcript from its meeting. It has confirmed the Nintendo eShop, internet browser and the ability to transfer DSiWare games will be released in all territories in late May.

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