Nintendo highlights future 3DS features

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3DS tranfser Nintendo confirmed during its third quarter financial results briefing that the first 3DS software update will arrive in late May for all territories. It will include the Nintendo eShop, internet browser and the ability to transfer DSiWare games from a DSi to a 3DS. Nintendo also brought up features that will arrive in later system updates.

Nintendo will allow software that has been purchased on the 3DS from the eShop, to be transferred to another 3DS. There will be a limited number of times a game can be transferred. This feature will be implemented in a system update after the eShop has been released.

Nintendo previously announced the 3DS will have 3D videos provided by certain networks and movie studios. In Japan, 3D content from Fuji Television Network and Nippon Television Network Corporation will be available through the 3DS’ SpotPass feature. The video content will be free of charge. The proper software for downloading 3D video from these companies will be located within the eShop.

The SpotPass feature of the 3DS allows the handheld to automatically connect to Wi-Fi hotspots to download updates and free software. SpotPass will be available at launch, but the 3DS won’t be able to automatically download anything until a future system update hits.

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