PS3 firmware 3.60 will include cloud storage

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PS3 vertical Hideo Kojima spoke fondly of cloud gaming during the PlayStation Meeting event earlier this week. Kojima imagined being able to pause a game on PS3, continue playing it on the NGP and back again. Kojima isn’t going to reveal anymore details on that until E3. Cloud technology is going to become a lot more relevant to games as the years go on. The PS3 is shaping up to be the first major console to take steps into the cloud.

Kotaku reports Sony is bringing cloud storage to the PS3 through firmware update version 3.60. With cloud storage (which Sony is calling Online Saving), users won’t have to store save data from games on their console’s hard drive. By doing this, saved data will remain safely nestled within Sony’s computers. That way, if your console ever breaks, your saved data won’t be lost forever.

The story only talks about save game data and not installs. Mandatory game installs are big eaters of hard drive space. If Sony could somehow move those to the cloud, several gigabytes of data will be freed up on PS3 consoles around the world. It looks like 20GB PS3 owners may finally catch a break.

Here’s the bad news. Apparently Online Saving will only be open to PlayStation Plus subscribers. All that storage space isn’t going to pay for itself you know.

Developers can also choose whether they want their games to be eligible for Online Saving.

Via [Kotaku]

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