Open Letter: Sony, please stop the “proprietary memory card” insanity

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Gamertell Open Letter Logo Dear SonyDear Sony,

I do enjoy playing the games you make and playing on the systems you create. With some of the best hardware per gaming device out there, I believe you can seriously compete in the handheld gaming market. You do stand a chance against the DS and iPod Touch.

If you stop this craziness with the non-standard, proprietary memory cards.

I’m convinced part of the reason the PSP (and PSPgo) was not a bottle rocket of success was the Memory Stick Duo. By making gamers buy your memory cards for your devices, you are basically taking money away from your other products. Force us to drop $50 to $70 for a 16 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo (which cost eve more for less memory when the PSp was first released) and that translates into one or two PSP games or ten (or more) PlayStation Minis we could have enjoyed. That means we can fewer of your games, which means less income for developers and new properties and that just spirals into a bad economic and employment situation for you.

I understand that you already have these memory cards for your cameras – and now include a larger Memory Stick with each PSP – but, by allowing gamers to use readily available and more affordable SD cards, you make your game system much more user friendly and affordable.

Also, by allowing more common SD, you cut down on the system hacking that will occur. If each gamer imported an SD card adapter for PSP to use cheaper cards we already had lying around the house, you ended up losing at least one game sale per PSP. Nintendo has adopted the SD standard for the DS, why can’t you? Why put so much time, effort and resources into developing tech that is already serving us all very well? Come on, Sony, be an SD joiner. All the kids use it. And I mean all.

Certainly, if your proprietary memory cards caught on in a big way, you’d stand to make a bunch more money but, really it comes down to customer service. We pay a lot of money for your game systems (and games), so please don’t make us pay a lot more money just so we can save our game progress.

So whatever proprietary memory card you decide to use with the NGP (PSP2 or whatever you decide to call it), keep in mind that we’ll not be very happy, especially in this bad economy, opening our wallets or typing in our credit card numbers for some memory card that may never leave the NGP card slot.

(And putting games on a NGP memory card because you re not working on an UMD adapter simply adds to the aggravation.)

Please, Sony, do right by use gamers and stop the proprietary memory card nonsense.

Hopeful gamer,

PJ at Gamertell

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