Think of Defenders of Ardania as a Majesty tower defense game

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Defenders of Ardania PC box artPeople who enjoy the Majesty series of games are used to managing lavish kingdoms and helping them prosper. Defenders of Ardania, the Majesty spin-off from Most Wanted Entertainment and Paradox Interactive, isn’t like that. Yes, it may feature a number of the same races, similar locations and a familiar atmosphere, but being a Majesty master won’t help you here. That’s because this iPad, PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows game is a tower defense game with some real time strategy elements mixed in.

The goal in Defenders of Ardania is to defend your home castle, while also waging offensive strikes on your opponents. If you’re playing the single player mode, you’re facing the computer, but in the multiplayer option you could be facing between one and three other players. You’ll be able to choose which of three races you want to champion. I’m sure human is one of them, but the other two are a bit of a mystery right now. Majesty had four races (human, dwarf, elf and gnome), so we don’t know which one has been left out in Defenders of Ardania. I’m guessing gnome.

Take a look at the first Defenders of Ardania trailer that’s been released.

The voice over was a bit cheesy, but the battle at the end was impressive.

Once you pick your side, you head out to fight. Players will have 24 different kinds of towers that can be placed to defend their home. All of them are upgradeable, of course. There will also be 24 different kinds of troops that can be sent out to defend or attack the castle keep. If those weren’t enough options, Paradox Interactive’s press release almost makes it sound like there will also be magic spells that can be used in Defenders of Ardania.

It will be a while before we know for sure who we’ll be playing as and what they’ll be able to accomplish. Defenders of Arcania won’t be out until Q2 2011. Until then, I guess you’ll just have to play some more Majesty so you’re familiar with the world when Defenders of Arcania is released.

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