An old friend to return in Mass Effect Evolution’s second issue

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Mass Effect Evolution 2Remember our good friend Saren from the original Mass Effect game? Ah, that xenophobic madman brings back so many memories.

Well, if you’ve been missing Saren after thwarting his plans in the Mass Effect, you can witness his return to the series. No, it isn’t the next Mass Effect game. He’s showing up in the next issue of the comic book series Mass Effect: Evolution.

Evolution details humanity’s first trips throughout the Milky Way and the ensuing war that emerges from it. Yeah, I know. It’s the First Contact Wars in the series back story. It also happens to be a plot point for the back story of the tie-in novel Mass Effect: Revelation that shows Saren before he goes rogue. This comic apparently also ties the story into the history of the “Illusive Man” and the Cerberus group.

As Mass Effect: Evolution is the far history, we’ll be able to see Saren well before he started getting corrupted by his anger and ill will towards all different species of life that are not his own. It might actually be a bit weird to see. After all, we saw him teetering between good and evil in Mass Effect: Revelation. We also saw him as completely evil in Mass Effect. Even though it would be weird to see him as still largely good and looking out for more than just himself, it had to have happened sometime.

We’ll be able to see Saren return to the series when Dark Horse Comics releases Mass Effect: Evolution #2 on February 16, 2011.

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