Skullgirls will be out in 2011

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SkullgirlsWhile you’re waiting and hoping for a North American localization announcement for Arcana Heart 3, you may want to spend some time learning more about the indie fighter Skullgirls. It’s another 2D fighting game with supernatural elements and only female fighters. It also has some notable people helping with its production, with Alex Ahad (Scott Pilgrim, Lava Punch) and competitive gamer “Mike Z” Zaimont helping Reverge Labs’ with its creation. Which means it should look pretty and handle well.

The Skull Heart appears every seven years to grant women’s wishes. Only one woman’s wish can be granted at a time and, for the sake of the rest of the world, that woman better be deserving. See, the Skull Heart isn’t entirely pleasant. If someone undeserving gets it and makes a wish, she will be corrupted and transformed into the Skullgirl. It last appeared seven years ago, and a queen obtained it and wished for peace. In the end, she got what she desired, as all the nations fighting with each other joined together to fight and destroy her. Now, there’s supposedly a new Skullgirl out there, and characters like Filia, Squigly, Cerebella and Umbrella are ready to fight to get it.

Here’s a slightly old video, showing Skullgirls in action. Since it’s an early demo, only Filia is playable. You can see how infinite attacks work though. Also, note the 3 vs. 3 battles. The video itself is a bit long, so if you just want to see some fight, fast forward to the three minute mark.

As for systems, well, that’s a bit of a mystery. Every time a Skullgirls demo has appeared, it’s been on a Windows PC, so it looks like that’s a sure bet. Autumn Games and Reverge Lab’s latest press release says it’s going to be on all HD home consoles in 2011, so perhaps it will see an Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Store release as well. I’m sure we’ll know more after the 2011 Game Developers Conference in March, since Skullgirls is going to be there.

There is a Skullgirls website up as well, if you’d like more information. You can learn more about the fighters that will show up, see initial character art and check out who’s working on the game. You can’t, however, participate in any forums or check out any downloads yet. So be patient!

Image Source: Skullgirls

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