Rift and Team Fortress 2 to cross-promote each other

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We’ve seen cross-promotional campaigns before in that one game helps promote another. For example, those who purchased a collector’s edition of AION got a code for a wings emote for their toons in Guild Wars. Similarly, Those who bought Dragon Age: Origins got a code for Blood Dragon Armor that Commander Shepard can wear in Mass Effect 2. However, one particular cross-promo is occurring between the unlikeliest of pairs, the upcoming MMO Rift and Team Fortress 2.

According to a press release, Steam customers who pre-order Rift by March 1, 2011 will get two melee weapons in Team Fortress 2 called the “Sharpened Volcano Fragment” and the “Sun-on-a-stick”. Meanwhile, Team Fortress 2 players will be able to get an achievement that grants them a code for a headpiece in Rift called the “Well Spun Hat”.

To clarify, if you’re TF2 player you can get your weapons today (February 3, 2011) — after you pre-order Rift of course. If you want the Well Spun Hat then you have to first complete the Riftwalker achievement via TF2. Once you get the code and input it in the Trion account page, you’ll receive your hat in your in-game mailbox on February 24, 2011, the game’s headstart period. Rift will be released on March 1, 2011.

At first it sounded rather strange to me. After all, the cross-promo examples I mentioned above featured games made by the same developers: NCSoft for AION and Guild Wars, and BioWare for Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2. However, Valve made TF2 while Trion Worlds developed Rift. But the thing is that it’s a promo through Steam, which was developed by Valve. Still, it’s an odd promotion because they’re such different games. I can’t imagine there’d be a lot people who play fantasy MMORPGs like Rift who also play multiplayer FPSes like TF2. But then again, maybe there are!

Here are pics of the items.

Sharpened Volcano Fragment
sun on a stick
well spun hat

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