Full House Poker is part of Xbox Live House Party

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Gamertell previously reported that Xbox Live’s Primetime Network is getting a its own poker game. We now know it will be an integral part of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Live House Party promotion.

This is Microsoft’s second year doing the promotion that calls attention to its arcade titles.

Joining Full House Poker in the lineup are much anticipated games including an HD remake of cult classic Beyond Good and Evil and Hard Corps Uprising, the latest installment in the Contra series.

Full House Poker will feature TV style tournaments with your Xbox Live Avatars. Some of the lessons gleaned from Primetime Network effort 1 vs. 100 are in place here. Avatars can unlock the ability to do tricks such as spinning a chip on one finger. Avatars will also have “tells” you can use to bluff your opponents. Of course, you will be able to unlock more goofy outfits for your avatar. It will be interesting to see how elaborate those get. Casual players likely won’t mind, but hardcore players might take the game too seriously to play against Yoda or Sam Fisher.

You’ll be able to compete against Xbox Live friends, or play in Texas Heat, a game show that can have up to 30 participants. The game will appear not just on Xbox Live, but Windows Phone 7. There are definite 1 vs 100 influences, but a poker game is clearly going for a different audience. Trivia games are a family-oriented experience. Parents are a little less likely to sit the kids down for a game of poker.

The Xbox Live House Party starts February 18, 2011.

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