Blizzcon 2011 will be held October 21 – 22, 2011

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Blizzcon 2010 logoDiablo, StarCraft and World of Warcraft better save the dates October 21-22, 2011. Blizzard’s going to be holding the sixth ever Blizzcon then. Of course, saving the date won’t do much good if you can’t get tickets. Since the ticket sale date hasn’t been announced yet, it doesn’t hurt to circle those dates on your calendar.

As usual, Blizzcon 2011 will be held in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Centre. Attendees will get to mingle with other Blizzard fans, have discussions with members of the Blizzard Entertainment development team, play games for fun or spots in tournaments and buy stuff. Specific events haven’t been announced yet for Blizzcon 2011, but it may be a good idea to set sights high. Remember, Blizzcon always ends with a concert. Tenatious D was the featured artist for Blizzcon 2010.

It’d also be a good idea now to prepare to get those tickets. Blizzard hasn’t announced when they’ll go on sale yet, so bookmark the Blizzcon 2011 website. Remember, everyone who gets to go usually gets to hear a special announcement and get items for existing Blizzard games. Everyone who attended last year got a Deathy WoW pet, StarCraft 2 Deep-Sea decals and Murloc Marine portrait and beta access to Diablo III.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of Diablo III at Blizzcon 2011. After all, it is supposed to be released before the end of 2011. I bet it will even be playable there!

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