Green Bay Packers defy Madden 11 simulation, win Super Bowl XLV

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Madden 11 coverThe Green Bay Packers didn’t listen to the Vegas oddsmakers or EA Sports’ Madden NFL Super Bowl simulation. Green Bay pulled off a significant upset in America’s biggest sporting event, winning Super Bowl XLV 31-25 thanks to a late interception.

That’s actually the complete opposite of what the recent Madden simulation said would happen.

In EA’s sim, it was Pittsburgh who clinched the game with a fourth-quarter interception.

The real question is: Which Green Bay Packer will appear on the cover of Madden NFL 12?

Playing in the smallest city in the NFL, The Packers are not a team laden with household names. Casual fans would be hard pressed to name five or six Packers stars even after the game. The smart money is on Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The quarterback is a team’s leader in most cases, and that’s definitely the case with Rodgers.

Superstitious Packer fans don’t want to hear anything connecting Rodgers and the Madden cover. The “Madden Curse “is a huge subject of debate among sports fans. Some believe the athlete that appears on the cover is doomed to suffer a season ending injury or mishap. Madden NFL 11 cover star Drew Brees stayed healthy all season. The closest thing to a curse you could say befell the Saints was losing to the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs. Seattle was the first division winner in NFL history to finish the season with a losing record.

The other likely candidate is Packer defensive leader Clay Matthews. His long, flowing locks and reckless abandon on the field are similar to the marketing combination that put Pittsburgh Troy Polamalu on the Madden 10 cover. Madden was one of several lucrative endorsement deals Polamalu picked up. Sadly though, Polamalu fell victim to the curse injuring his leg early in the 2010 season.

Gamertell faithful, do you believe in a Madden Curse? Who would you put on the cover of the world’s best-selling football game?

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