Xbox Live Update for the week of February 13 through 19, 2011

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Xbox live weekly update

The Xbox Live House Party is in full effect.

Hard Corps Uprising is the spiritual successor to Konami’s beloved Contra series. So you can rest assured that there will be lots and lots of shooting. The soldier Bahamut is the hero here and he will battle through Arcade Mode and Rising Mode. In Rising Mode, a life bar and point system is added. You can use points earned to upgrade your soldier and keep taking the fight to the enemy. You can kick the House Party off with this latest Konami retro shooter for 1,200 Microsoft Points. ($15)

Coming soon as part of the House Party are Bejeweled Blitz, Beyond Good and Evil HD, Torchlight and Full House Poker. The poker title is the latest Xbox Live effort for the Primetime Network that brought us now defunct trivia title 1 vs 100.

Joining Hard Corps:Uprising as as part of this week’s military-themed offerings is the Deal of the Week. Blacklight:Tango Down is 600 MP. Here’s a handy note for achievement point addicts (you know who you are) the PC and XBLA versions have separate achievement lists. So even if you already purchased the PC version, you can still add sweet, sweet gamerscore with this version.

Blacklight Tango Down

Coming soon is the Defiant Map Pack for Halo:Reach. You’ll get to take it to the Covenant (and opposing Spartans) on three new maps: Condemned, Highlands and Unearthed. Condemned finds you aboard Orbital Station Gamma, which provided long range communications for the UNSC before getting taken down by the Covenant. Don’t worry, there are a few sections still left intact for you to go to war in. It supports 6-12 players. Highlands is in the Military Wildlife Training Preserve. Spartans trained here before the events leading to the invasion. This wide open map is for big team skirmishes for 8-16 players. Go wild, Spartan. Unearthed takes place in a titanium mine, which as you might imagine is a pretty strategic location. This map allows four players to battle in the Firefight game mode. The Defiant Map Pack is 800 MP and will add 150 points worth of achievements. Look for it to arrive in March 2011.

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