Telltale is developing a game based on The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead Telltale has added a couple series to its growing number of franchises. Telltale just released the second episode of Back to the Future: The Game entitled Get Tannen!, and a free download for It’s About Time earlier today. In the future, Telltale will release a series of downloadable games based on Jurassic Park. Unlike BttF, Jurassic Park will feature characters that aren’t stars from the movie. Today, Telltale announced it will be making games based on the comic book series Fables, and The Walking Dead.

The announcement of Telltale’s publishing agreement with Warner Bros. was revealed by All Things Digital. The story specifically mentions AMC’s The Walking Dead but the game is more closely related to the comic book series. The TV show and comic book versions of The Walking Dead are similar to each other, but I’m sure some comic enthusiasts would beg to differ. The Walking Dead is a pretty serious series what with all the zombies and mass death. Telltale hasn’t announced any specific details regarding The Walking Dead’s gameplay, but the Telltale’s track record suggests this will be a point-and-click adventure game.

Telltale’s games are a part of the company’s successful business model of releasing games in episodes. Those games are also released on multiple platforms. Leaving the audience with cliffhangers is a good way of making sure they come back for the next episode.

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