inFamous 2 Hero Edition saves the day

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inFamous 2 Hero Edition PS3 Sony Sucker Punch

We won’t be seeing inFamous 2 in stores until June 7, 2011, but that doesn’t mean we can’t already start dreaming about buying that $59.99 PS3 exclusive. Or, perhaps you may be paying $99.99. It depends really, on whether you can be happy with just a plain, standard edition or if you really want to step things up and go for a deluxe Hero Edition. By Hero Edition, we of course mean it’s just the standard, goodie-ladden collector’s edition.

The inFamous 2 Hero Edition comes in a pretty big box. You get a copy of inFamous 2, of course, as well as a bundle of fun extra items to make your real life and Cole’s virtual life better. You can display your love for inFamous 2 every day, by wearing the included sling pack, putting the 8.5″ Cole statue on your desk, reading the inFamous comic or listening to the inFamous 2 Collector’s Edition soundtrack. You can also make the game a little easier and Cole a little better with in-game bonuses like Electrocution Grenade and Lightning Hook attacks, a Kessler character skin and a 24K Gold Amp weapon. It’s quite an impressive package.

Those in-game extra goodies from the Hero Edition can also be acquired individually, depending on if and where you pre-order you copy of inFamous 2. There are four stores participating, so make sure you pay attention before making a reservation. If you like extra super powers, then head to Walmart or GameStop. Walmart pre-orders get an Electrocution Grenade and GameStop pre-orders get the Lightning Hook. The Amazon and Best Buy bonus items just make Cole look a little different. Shop at Amazon and you get a 24K Gold Amp, or buy from Best Buy for a Kessler costume. Personally, I’d go with GameStop, just because extra powers are always awesome and the Lightning Hook reminds me of that spear attack Scorpion always used in Mortal Kombat.

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