Toys R Us has a few video game sale specials for Presidents Day 2011

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Toys R Us Presidents Day Sale ad February 18 - 21, 2011We’re right in the middle of Toys R Us’ Presidents Day Sale, which runs until February 21, 2011. This means you can get a few video game items cheap if you head to your local Toys R Us store or Toys R There are two general deals, ones that are quite familiar. There’s nothing exceptional, but you still may want to take some time to browse before heading out to a bigger sale.

The first familiar, gamer promotion pertains to DS lites and DSis. If you can’t wait for the 3DS next month, then listen up. If you purchase either handheld, for $129.99 or $149.99, respectively, you can get a free $29.99 starter kit with it. Both the Folio Starter Kit and 12-in-1 Everyday Starter Kits are available to choose from. I know, it isn’t awesome, but at least you still get something for free.

There is also a general game deal, which I’m sure you’ve seen before. All bargain bin video games, ones that cost $19.99 or less, are on sale. If you buy one of these special snowflakes, most of which are under $20 for a reason, you can get a second one for 50% off its normal price. As always, the cheaper of the two games is the one that will be 50% off. Think of it as a shovelware extravaganza. I kid, the Toys R Us bargain game section isn’t all shovelware. It’s probably around 75% ridiculous games and 25% games that used to be really popular and expensive between three and five years ago.

If you’re interested in more general toy or baby equipment specials, be sure to visit Toys R Us Presidents Day sale page online. There’s a .pdf advertisement there to download and print out that contains coupons for Sing-A-Ma-Jigs, toddler mealtime items, baby gates and a few other assorted items.

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