Xenogears becomes a PSN game tomorrow

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Xenogears PS1 PSX Box ArtAn oft requested, PlayStation Store wish is about to be granted. Xenogears, a classic PlayStation game that PS3 and PSP owners have craved for years, is finally going to be added to the PSN. If you log onto your PSP or PS3 after around 6pm CST on February 22, 2011, you should find Xenogears waiting for you in the PSone Classics section. Hurray!

Xenogears stars the amnesiac Fei Fong Wong. Fei has been living in Lahan for three years peacefully, after being deposited there by a masked figure. A war is going on between Aveh and Kislev though, which comes dangerously close to the village. Fei then hopes into an abandoned gear (mecha unit) to defend the village. Things don’t proceed as planned, and Fei ends up setting off on a journey to discover his identity and, of course, save the world.

Now, a PSone release is typically $5.99, but that standard price doesn’t apply to Square Enix games. For example, Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy VII are both $9.99, as are a few of the other Square Enix PSone Classics releases. Odds are, you’ll need around $10.50 (you have to figure in tax) in your wallet to grab Xenogears tomorrow. At least it’s still cheaper than what sellers are charging for an original copy on eBay.

If you enjoyed the PS2 Xenosaga games, you may want to pick Xenogears up. They aren’t officially related, since Square Enix had no involvement with Xenosaga, but a number of people who worked on Xenosaga also worked on Xenogears. It’s more like one inspired the other.

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