Next Mass Effect 2 DLC may be called Arrival

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A patch for the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 appears to have contained more information than it was supposed to. The patch contains trophies belonging to a possible downloadable expansion entitled Arrival. It’s probably only a matter of time before BioWare has something to say about this.

Though exact details of Arrival‘s story isn’t known, the description for a trophy called “Covert Action” provides a clue. The trophy requires players to “Rescue Dr. Amanda Kenson without attracting hostile attention.”

Dr. Kenson was mentioned in a Cerberus Network news bulletin on January 24, 2011. The story said that she and her team tested dust from a mass relay, and compared it to other dust clouds from within the same solar system. The team wanted to learn exactly when the mass relay came in contact with the dust. Their tests determined that most mass relays were not created by the Protheans because they were more than 50,000 years old. Therefore, some other species must have created them.

No one knows of the species that created the older mass relays. This may be a setup for Arrival. Arrival could lead up to Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 3 is expected to be released in holiday 2011 and it’s based around the Reapers attacking Earth.

The other two trophies are called “Last Stand” and “The Ultimate Sacrifice.”

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