Kinect SDK will be released Spring 2011

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Kinect sensor It seems like every week, a new program has been created with Kinect controls. The enthusiast community has done a wonderful job of taking the peripheral, and applying it to many fascinating applications. Microsoft doesn’t mind these Kinect mods (they’re technically not hacks), and encouraged the public to really dig into the hardware to their heart’s content. Microsoft will take its support of third-party Kinect creations to another level this spring when it releases the official Kinect software development kit.

Microsoft announced the availability of the Kinect SDK during an event called TechForum. The SDK will be a free download. The SDK will open up Kinect features such as the device’s sensor, “audio technology and system application programming interfaces.”

Microsoft believes that when used in the right hands, Kinect can be very beneficial to the education and healthcare communities. The software is intended to be used for non-commercial purposes. This means no one can make any money from their Kinect creations.

Back in November, Microsoft said that Kinect XNA support would be released in the future.

Sony has also teased providing developers with PC tools for PlayStation Move. Even if that does happen, Move will still be an exclusive PlayStation product.

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