Battlefield: Play4Free combines role-playing and shooter elements

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Battlefield Play 4 FreeThe Battlefield series began it’s conquest of the internet with Facebook and its free Battlefield Heroes. It’s now moving to the next free-to-play objective with Battlefield: Play4Free,, a PC title currently in closed beta and slated for a Q2 2011 release. Game Designer Colin M. Clarke revealed some details on the Battlefield Blog.

This upcoming game will incorporate many RPG elements for a different shooter experience. It will use an updated version of the engine that powered Battlefield 2. Clarke said the team wanted to provide something other than unlocking more weapons for progression. It’s Clarke’s hope that players become their kit as opposed to just playing it. Players will unlock Training Points and take their character along ability trees that have more in a common with a Final Fantasy game than your typical shooter. Characters then develop Equipment or Combat Experience.

Two players might both be medics, but their characters will be anything but identical under the conditions Clarke is describing. Don’t worry, shooter fans. The team is still planning on providing the fast-paced action the Battlefield series is well known for. Some of the best reviewed games in recent years mix elements of multiple genres. RPG is often the genre designers pull from.

Mass Effect 2 successfully toes the line between RPG and shooter. It even has some light dating sim elements as different conversation and relationship options are always open to your character. NBA 2K11 has a My Player mode that gives you upgrades based on how well you played in the previous game. RPG elements, when done properly, give a great sense of progression. When your character easily slays an enemy that killed your entire party at first, you appreciate every hour you put in grinding. The same applies in a sports game when you go from a benchwarmer to an All-Star.

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