Chillingo to publish 11 Bit Studios’ Anomaly: Warzone Earth for iOS

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Anomaly Warzone Earth A little while back, Gamertell told you about Anomaly: Warzone Earth. It’s a “reverse tower defense” game that’s generating a fair amount of buzz.

On the game’s official Facebook page, developer 11-Bit Studios confirmed Chillingo will publish the game.

Chillingo is a major publisher of handheld titles including Cash Cow, Bear Grylls’ Bear Essentials and a little game called Angry Birds. This could mean a huge promotional push for this game. Reverse tower defense could end up being this year’s zombie apocalypse. OK, perhaps not, but Chillingo has the power to put Anomaly:Warzone Earth into a lot of players’ hands.

In this game, a military squad has to investigate some strange happenings in Baghdad. An alien ship crash lands and surrounds itself with an impenetrable force field. Oh, we can’t have that. It’s up to your crack squad to figure out how to get inside that ship and stop the invasion. This is where the “reverse tower defense” happens. The aliens have the structures that they need to protect while you control the waves of enemies tasked with taking them down.

Chillingo hasn’t announced a firm release date for the game yet but it will be coming to all iOS devices.

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