Infinity Blade is now $2.99

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Infinity Blade Now is the perfect time for anyone who has been holding out to buy Infinity Blade to finally take the plunge. Epic Games has dropped the price of Infinity Blade from $5.99 to $2.99 for a limited time. Infinity Blade was quite possibly the best looking iPhone game to come out in 2010. Some would even say it’s the best iOS game ever. At $2.99, there really isn’t any valid excuse to put off buying this incredible game any longer.

Infinity Blade is a title that Epic Games intends to continue supporting. Fans have been asking for weeks when new content for Infinity Blade is scheduled to be released. Epic’s co-founder and vice president Mark Rein has been responding to this question on Twitter. One of Rein’s latest Twitter comments on the matter came on February 24 when he was asked how the update was coming along. Rein replied,”still working on it. It’s a huge update.”

At the Game Developers Conference, the co-founder of Chair Entertainment, Donald Mustard also said the update is coming “very soon.”

This huge update will contain new enemies, a new location and competitive multiplayer (finally).

Infinity Blade was a great way for Epic Games to start pushing the Unreal Engine on iOS. Now developers know that console-like graphics can be achieved on iOS devices.

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