Nisa and Gust join Hyperdimension Neptunia’s fight against Arfoire

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超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ Hyperdimension Neptunia Gust DLC

If you’re tired of just playing with Neptune, IF and Compa in Hyperdimension Neptunia, then head to the PlayStation Store. NIS America has just released the first batch of extra character battle ticket DLC. Originally, Nisa and Gust were non-playable, support party members, but for a $2 you can make them more useful.

Each character DLC download is $1.99 and around 70mb. Nisa is a 78mb download, while Gust is only 73mb. Of course, these battle tickets don’t immediately add Gust and Nisa to your party. You first have to recruit them normally through events and purchase their battle tickets from the in-game shop to make them for dungeon crawling.

When it comes to adorability, Gust’s got it. She’s the tiniest of all the party members, wears a frilly dress, carries an oversized staff and has dons a bunny hat. The ears even flap when she runs. Aw! Nisa is cute too, but she’s more cool-cute, since her hairdo and scarf are reminiscent of Disgaea‘s Laharl and she wears a Prinny backpack. Both character each have unique running and standby animations, if you dungeon crawl with them as your avatar.

Each character also has special skills they can use while dungeon crawling. Gust has the same ability as IF, Treasure Hunt. Press square when it’s charged up and a beam of light will guide you to a hidden treasure. It also seems like she runs faster, but that may just be me. Nisa shares Compa’s Monster Call ability. Press square and all the monsters in a dungeon flock to her, starting a battle with three to four consecutive enemy groups.

Like Neptune, IF and Compa, Nisa and Gust learn special abilities referencing their companies. Gust can summon Punis (Atelier-series monsters) and Nisa can summon Prinnies (Disgaea characters) in battle. They also earn combo attacks that reference Gust and NIS America games.

If you can only get one of the two, I’d recommend getting Gust. She’s just that adorable.

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  • James

    Hello, now on the playstation network I bought both Nisa and Gust Battle tickets but my problem is that it still says the word “guest” next to their names. When I go to the in-game shop, the DLC part of the in-game shop says cannot purchase anything. I also bought the ticket for Red/5pb events but that has not occured in the game and I am already in the chapter “path to celestia.” Am I missing something or does the DLC content not work at all?!