Double Fine enters the trenches for its next downloadable game

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Double Fine didn’t waste any time revealing its fourth game that was conceived during a two week period of brainstorming. At the Game Developers Conference, Double Fine CEO Tim Schafer revealed Trenched. Trenched is an Xbox Live Arcade game that is nothing like Double Fine’s previous three games. It’s likely Trenched will be exclusive to Xbox 360 because it is being published by Microsoft Game Studios.

Trenched is a third-person shooter that draws inspiration from older movies about aliens invading the earth. You play as a member of an elite military group called The Mobile Trench Brigade. These group of soldiers have access to mechs that double as trenches. They’re initially planted into the ground, but can rise up to walk around the battlefield armed with the biggest of guns. They can also deploy turrets. Although it isn’t confirmed, the trailer suggests the mechs may be customizable.

I can’t help but feel that this particular Double Fine game isn’t peaking my interests quite as much as Costume Quest, Stacking and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster did when they were announced. Maybe it’s because it’s very difficult to make a shooter of any kind compelling. Maybe the art direction in Trenched isn’t as stylized as Double Fine’s previous games. Or maybe the premise of this game isn’t as off the wall as what we’ve gotten used to from Double Fine in the past months. We’ll have to see more of Trenched to be sure.

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