Fruit Ninja downloaded 20 million times, Facebook game on the way

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Fruit Ninja Fruit Ninja is one of those games that you always see whenever you look in the games section of the App Store. It’s one of those games that’s incredibly simple and cheap, but never seems to get old. Fruit Ninja is the same game every time, but it’s also a different experience each time. People love that simplicity these days, and they speak with their dollars. Fruit Ninja has been downloaded 20 million times on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. In terms of purchases, the iOS version has been purchased 6 million times.

Even after Apple’s 30% cut, Fruit Ninja has made a good amount of money for a $0.99 game. It is also a source of inspiration. You may remember Chillingo’s latest release called Food Processing. There are shades of Fruit Ninja within that game, but it has elements that are all its own too.

Fruit Ninja is expanding as well. A freemium Facebook game called Fruit Ninja Frenzy is planned for release in the future. It will be similar to Bejeweled Blitz in that you’ll only get to play for a minute before the game ends. Juice will be the in-game currency in Fruit Ninja Frenzy, but Halfbrick hasn’t stated how it will be implemented into the game.

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