Toys R Us’ March 6 – 12, 2011 ad heralds a buy one, get one half off DS game event

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Toys R Us sale ad March 6-12, 2011Before we get into the whole Toys R Us sale ad for March 6-12, 2011, there’s one deal you have to know about immediately. If you’re at all interested in Pokemon Black and/or White, then Toys R Us has a one day promotion going on right now you can take advantage of. If you buy one of the $34.99 games there today (March 6, 2011), then you can get an $11.99 Pokemon Legendary accessory kit for free. That deal ends tonight, and there’s no knowing how many accessory kits each store has. So if it sounds good to you, call your local Toys R Us now to see if they still have the game and kit in stock.

Moving on, there’s a general DS game event going on this week at Toys R Us. If you buy one DS game, you can get a second one for 50% off the normal price. The cheaper of the two games will have it’s price cut in half. So you could grab Pokemon Black and White at once, or two other games if you don’t feel like catching them all. This deal is applicable in-store and online.

If you’re looking for actual systems or other games, then you’re out of luck this week. Toys R Us is completely focusing on the DS and Pokemon. You’ll just have to wait for next week and hope there’s another deal available then.

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