Nickelodeon to release new MMO called Monkey Quest in April

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Monkey Quest Nickelodeon has a new free-to-play MMO that will be marketed towards children. Monkey Quest will be freed from the confines of beta testing and available to everyone on April 2, 2011. You may not have heard about this game yet, but Nickelodeon will be putting a lot of effort into marketing the game ahead of its release. Monkey Quest will function like a traditional MMO for the most part, but it will also have restrictions in place to protect the children that play it.

Most MMOs allow players to enter PVP or PVE servers. In Monkey Quest, there is no competitive server. Everyone plays with each other – not against each other. Socializing is also restricted to a certain degree. The chat system in Monkey Quest is designed to only let certain things be said. Words or phrases that Nickelodeon deems inappropriate will be automatically filtered out. Real people will also monitor chats, in addition to parental controls that add an extra filter to conversations. A lot of the cooperation in the game will be done by gesturing to other players.

So what’s this game about anyway? Monkey Quest takes place in a world called Ook. Players can create their own monkey, and embark on quests to gain favor of monkey leaders. Like a traditional RPG, the monkeys will get stronger and learn more abilities as time goes on. Nickelodeon will constantly create more content for players to get into.

Monkey Quest is free-to-play, but there will also be a subscription model in place. A monthly subscription will cost $9.95, and a microtransactions will also play a role. There will be redemption cards for Nick Cash available in stores. Nick Cash will be used to buy extra content such as missions and items.

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