Japan doesn’t get Torchlight for the lamest reason ever

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Torchlight Xbox 360

Japanese Xbox 360 owners are feeling a little left out today. The rest of the world is preparing to enjoy Torchlight, which makes it’s Xbox Live Arcade debut today (March 9, 2011), but Japan isn’t. See, on the very day the game was going to be released, Microsoft and Runic Games snatched it away. Apparently, Torchlight and Japanese text just don’t mix. The Torchlight text bugs were apparently so rampant and debilitating, that it has resulted in the complete and utter cancellation of the Japanese release.

On the plus side, at least a flawed game didn’t hit Xbox Live Arcade, resulting in lots of people wasting money on something that didn’t work. But you also have to wonder why this Torchlight problem wasn’t caught, well, before launch day. I mean, you’d think there are beta testers and people looking to see if everything is working and running and text is something that comes up a lot in any kind of RPG. You also wouldn’t think an entire game would be canceled just because there are problems with the way text displays. At the very least, you’d think Runic Games and Microsoft would at least consider allowing the English language version of Torchlight to be made available, with a note on the game listing saying the game has English text.

It isn’t the end of the world. People worldwide with Windows and Mac computers can always head to Steam to get Torchlight, even if they don’t have an Xbox 360. There’s just something about playing a good action RPG on a console though. Of course, Japanese users would have to deal with English text, but since a lot of Torchlight‘s gameplay involves hacking and slashing through enemies in randomly generated dungeons, they might be okay.

Besides, Xbox 360 owners in Japan can still buy Torchlight items for their avatars. That alchemist outfit is pretty cool!

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