OpenFeint teams with Chinese publisher to port iOS games to Android

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OpenFeint icon OpenFeint and a Chinese publisher by the name of The9 is going to make things a lot easier for game developers to port their iOS games to the Android platform. The9, along with other partners, will put up $100 million to fund the initiative. In order for developers to be considered, they must allow their games to adopt the OpenFeint platform. OpenFeint functions as a kind of social network for mobile games. It has achievements, friend lists, multiplayer and other features.

The developers won’t have to worry about the costs associated with porting a game to another operating system. OpenFeint and The9 will hand-pick each games it’s going to invest in. Any developer can get in contact with OpenFeint if they’re interested in this endeavor, but OpenFeint and The9 has their own way of picking the right games. A game will be chosen based on its strength in the app stores in which it resides, how good the game is and how promising the developers are.

Certain games will also be chosen to be released in China.

In mid-February, OpenFeint entered into an agreement with AT&T that allows it to create a new gaming network. The games on that network will allow gamers to play with each other across Android and iOS devices.

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