Sony cancels development on games at UK studios

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Evolution Studios Sony has stopped production on an unknown number of games that were in development by a few studios in the United Kingdom. All of the studios are owned by Sony, and they’ve all produced notable games. The studios in question are SCE London Studio, Evolution Studios and SCE Studio Liverpool. Those are the studios responsible for MotorStorm, Wipeout and the SingStar titles.

Sony examined all the projects it had in development at the aforementioned studios, and decided further development on those titles was unnecessary. Sony cited a “strong list of exclusive first party titles” as the reason behind the cancellations. Instead of working on the unnamed games, the teams will instead provide assistance to games that won’t take as long to finish developing.

Whenever development on a game has been stopped, it usually means some employees will be let go. At this time, Sony isn’t commenting on how many people are going to be made redundant. The studios themselves will continue to operate under the Sony umbrella. In other words, no studios will be shut down.

Of the three studios, Evolution Studios has the most recent game ready for release. MotorStorm: Apocalypse will be released on March 16 in Europe, followed by a North American release in April.

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