Homefront reportedly freezing consoles

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Homefront multiplayer

Have you picked up Homefront yet? Maybe you got in on the sale Walmart and Amazon had going on yesterday (which is now over). If you did get the game, there’s a chance you’ve experienced some freezing issues on PS3 and Xbox 360. The Homefront forums are lighting up with upset customers. Some can’t get past the first loading screen, and others are experiencing freezing during multiplayer. Kaos Studios is aware of these problems and is sorting it out.

Jeremy Greiner, the community manager for Kaos replied to the PS3 and Xbox 360 problems individually.

For the Xbox 360:

We’re looking into the issue that is happening to a few users, once I have an update it will be posted here. Thanks for your patience!

In the meantime, those experiencing the issue: If you could please post the exact step by step process of how it occurred, that would be appreciated.

And for PS3:

Hey guys,

I’m looking into the reports of PS3 freezing issues and will provide an update once I’ve spoken with all the teams. Will need a bit of time, but in the interim – thanks a lot for your patience!

Some of the freezes require PS3 users to initiate a hard reboot of their consoles. One user claims to have done this 14 times so far.

In multiplayer, users are complaining that stats aren’t updating correctly. Some are seeing their progress reset completely.

The public is really getting tired of spending $60 for a game that won’t work properly. This issue reminds us of the fiasco that surrounded Fallout: New Vegas when it was released. Many questioned how the game was released in the state it was in. It took a couple updates to sort most things out.

What say you dear reader? Do you have any Homefront horror stories?

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