Gameloft reveals Order & Chaos Online, a MMO for iOS

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Order and Chaos One of Gameloft’s latest creations is a MMORPG called Order & Chaos Online. The game doesn’t have a release date or a price yet. Order & Chaos Online seems to be continuing Gameloft’s trend of piggybacking on the success of already established franchises. You may remember a little game called Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden, which reminded everyone of The Legend of Zelda. Gameloft also released other copycat games such as Modern Combat 2 and Starfront: Collision.

Order & Chaos Online may appear to be heavily inspired by World of Warcraft, but at least Gameloft gave the game an original title. There’s isn’t much information to speak about other than things we can gather from the trailer. There will be different character classes, and a lot of people running around with names over their heads. I think the most crucial question is how payments will work for this game. Will it be free-to-play, or will it be sold for a fixed price?

Despite its unoriginality at times, I have to give Gameloft credit for attempting to pull off a real-time MMORPG on iOS to begin with. It may be on a platform that isn’t as powerful as consoles or PCs, but the constant maintenance required to keep servers running smoothly is no simple task.

Gameloft also deserves credit for developing glasses-free 3D games for the LG Optimus 3D.

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