Amazon’s Gold Box will be filled with video games and accessories March 22

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Amazon Gold Box Event March 22 2011 logoAnyone hankering for a video game deal is going to have to make sure they’re near a computer tomorrow. Amazon‘s having another one of its video game gold box events. That means on March 22, 2011 there’s a good chance a nice selection of console and handheld games and accessories will be available at rather pleasant prices.

Of course, we don’t know what will be there yet. After all, the sale event doesn’t start until tomorrow. From what we’ve seen in the past though, there’ll probably be between 8 and 12 sale items available for an hour or two throughout the day. Odds are, a Turtle Beach headset will be somewhere in there too, since the last few Amazon game Gold Box sales have featured at least one Turtle Beach accessory. You’ll just have to check Amazon tomorrow and see for yourself. Or just stop back here, since we’ll have a continually updated story showing what’s on sale throughout the day.

In other Amazon sale news, there’s one deal of the day at the site today and it isn’t very striking. The Namco Bandai Body and Brain Connection Kinect game for the Xbox 360 is reduced. Only slightly though, as the price today is $39.99 and it’s normally $49.99. Body and Brain Connection is a brain training game that also uses motion to keep you mentally and physically fit. Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, who helped with the DS games Brain Age and Brain Age 2, helped with this game as well.

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  • Betty

    Aw, man, that stinks! Too bad I didn't check your blog a few days ago…Were any Wii games on sale?

  • Jenni Lada

    Hi Betty. Yup – DeBlob 2 was on sale for the Wii. I forget the price, but I'm pretty sure it was around 30% off.