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Nintendo 3DS black The Nintendo 3DS is hitting stores next week in North America. Its 3D screen is really a sight to behold, but Nintendo has to tap other resources to get that point across. The 3DS isn’t something Nintendo can fully market on television because no one would see the 3D effect. Therefore, Nintendo is bringing the 3DS to the public. If you’re not in one of the four major cities that have 3DS Demo Pods, or have a hard time finding the 3DS Demo Squads, consider this alternative.

Nintendo has set up thousands of 3DS demo kiosks across the United States. These kiosks are available at retail locations. Depending on where you live, there may be several locations or none at all. Nintendo is adding more 3DS demo kiosks all the time, so one may sprout up in your area very soon.

Nintendo created a section of the 3DS website dedicated to tracking down kiosk locations closest to you. You can search from within a five mile radius, all the up to 100 miles. Traveling 100 miles just to see a 3DS shows true dedication. With gas prices being the way they are, it’ll probably be best to just wait a few more days and buy the 3DS.

From where I live, the only 3DS location is almost 40 miles away at a Best Buy. I think I’ll be waiting.

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