Top Spin 4’s super racy ad shunned by 2K Sports

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Top Spin 4

One ad for Top Spin 4 will never make it to the airwaves. It stars tennis superstar Serena Williams and actress Rileah Vanderbilt playing the PS3 version of Top Spin 4 with the PlayStation Move controller. That part of the ad is just fine, but it’s what the actresses are wearing that makes this spot so racy. Prepare to see booty shorts and low cut tops in this recently pulled video.

Rileah Vanderbilt posted a YouTube link to the commercial yesterday on Twitter. Currently, the link goes to a video that is now private. YouTube users can choose whether they want their videos to be public or private. The video can still be found under different YouTube accounts.

The video has Williams and Vanderbilt dressed in sexy lingerie waving the Move controller around. It’s not as suggestive as We Dare, but there are some camera angles that will make you forget about Top Spin 4.

Joystiq asked 2K Sports about the commercial and the company said the commercial was never authorized for release. Furthermore, this video will not be used to market Top Spin 4 to the public. Ironically, this video will show up all over the internet and will serve as a big marketing tool regardless of what 2K Sports wants. As proof of this, I’ll admit that I knew nothing of Top Spin 4 before now.

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