Angry Birds dominates the Amazon Appstore

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Angry Birds Rio monkeys The Amazon Appstore is less than 24 hours old. So far, the top games in the Appstore are very similar to Apple’s App Store. The top game in the Amazon Appstore is the original Angry Birds. In the Apple App Store, the top paid game is Angry Birds Rio. Rovio’s little critters have done it again.

Angry Birds Rio is currently the top free application in the Amazon Appstore. Angry Birds Rio is plastered on the front page of the Amazon Appstore. It is free for today only. Android owners who want to try the latest Angry Birds game have no other option than to download it from Amazon.

The top two items in the whole Amazon Appstore are Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons. Fruit Ninja takes the number three spot in the Amazon Appstore’s list of bestselling applications.

So far there are few top selling games in the Amazon that are exclusive to Android and Amazon. A lot of the games such as Highborn, Diner Dash 2, Doodle Jump and Airport Mania: First Flight can be found in Apple’s App Store. Amazon needs to give consumers more incentive to use their store by offering exclusive content, or by lowering prices.

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    The Amazon appstore was said to have only 3800 apps in store. This seems to be a small number, considering that you can find, using any files search engine like, , a few thousand free Android apps for downloading in the net.