Final Fantasy XIV, XI and PlayOnline servers return on March 25

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Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Following the disaster in Japan, Square Enix decided to shut down servers for Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI and PlayOnline to conserve the country’s power supplies. Square Enix didn’t initially know when the servers would be brought back online, but a date was set earlier today. Expect to jump back into the MMO action on March 25, 2011.

Square Enix isn’t sacrificing Japan’s precious energy to keep its servers running. The company had to make some power cutbacks in its Tokyo office to make this all possible. Square Enix wrote on Lodestone that the servers for these games accounts for 11.6% of the office’s power. To power the servers without using any additional energy, Square Enix disabled air conditioning and reduced lighting in its office.

The temperature in Japan is expected to range between 46-50 degrees this week, so at least the staff isn’t working in sweltering conditions. Square Enix also stressed that it may have to shut down servers again if it’s beneficial to Japan as a whole.

Square Enix helped Japan even more by donating 100 million yen to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Square Enix also reiterates that no one will be charged for FFXI for the April billing cycle.

Via [Lodestone]

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