While 3DS gets Devil Survivor Overclock, DS gets Devil Survivor 2

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Devil Survivor 2 logoGreat news! Atlus’ Devil Survivor isn’t going to be a one-shot. A sequel has just been announced, and is going to be released in Japan in Summer 2011. That means we get a new portable adventure with more contracts and demon summoning. Best of all, it’s going to be a DS game. So you don’t need to run out and grab a 3DS immediately.

Like the original Devil Survivor, Devil Survivor 2 is a strategic RPG where players purchase and fuse demons to fight with them against enemies over a week to ensure everyone’s survival. Don’t look for any returning heroes or heroines though – it seems like Devil Survivor 2‘s 13 summoners will be all original and lead by a new player character and his friends Io and Daichi. Septentrions are attacking Tokyo and you’ll have to make the right choices and fight to save the day.

Now, I know Devil Survivor 2 has only just been announced for Japan, but I have a good feeling we’ll see it in North America as well. After all, we got the original Devil Survivor and Devil Survivor Overclock is a North American 3DS launch window game. It seems like a lock.

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