Two new mobile studios have emerged from major developers

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Hogrocket Here are a couple new pieces of evidence that prove that mobile gaming is not a flash in the pan. Two new studios have emerged with the sole purpose of creating games for iOS and other smartphone operating systems. The first studio is called Hogrocket. The second studio is called Hippos Lab.

Hogrocket was formed by former members of Bizarre Creations. Bizarre Creations closed in February. Bizarre Creations created games such as Geometry Wars, Blur and James Bond 007: Blood Stone. Hogrocket will focus on creating iOS games.

Hippos Lab is a new Japanese smartphone division created by Square Enix. Neither Hippos Lab nor Hogrocket have announced any specific game titles or concepts. It can be assumed that Hippos Lab will create some iOS and Android games (what studio wouldn’t?) Maybe Windows Phone 7 will get some attention as well.

Square Enix is also opening a new Canadian studio in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal. The publisher will decide where the studio’s final location will be in May.

While it’s nice to see ex-Bizarre Creations developers starting anew, Square Enix has proven that large developers can no longer ignore the smartphone market. Insomniac is also getting in on the action with Insomniac Click. That studio will focus on mobile and social games.

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