PS3 only does everything, even Kinect

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Kinect sensorShantanu Goel may be the hero for PS3 fanboys and fangirls right now. He’s managed to create a bridge between consoles. You don’t just need an Xbox 360 for Kinect now, because if you’re tech-savvy enough, you can use it with your PS3. I guess you didn’t need to buy Move after all.

Goel is the creator of a new Kinect hack. It uses various programs together, like the DIYPS3Controller DualShock 3 emulator, PrimeSense Libraries for Kinect, NITE Libraries and OpenNI Libraries to allow people to use a computer as sort of a conduit to allow the PS3 to recognize and successfully use the Kinect. It’s complicated, yes, but also really cool.

I know, it all seems like some kind of strange dream. But it is real, and you can see this particular Kinect PS3 gack in action on YouTube. Goel uploaded a video of himself navigating the PS3’s XMB, and then playing Killzone 3.

Playing the game looks a bit spotty, but you can see the potential.

If you are intrigued and already own a PS3 and Kinect, then you could always try it out for yourself. Goel shared the ingredient list and instructions for cooking up your own PS3 Kinect hack. If you follow his instructions, you could probably get a setup like this in your own home. I wouldn’t recommend buy a Kinect just for this, but if you already have it and know what you’re doing, it could be an interesting way to spend the an afternoon.

The project still isn’t finished. Goel has a whole to do list of things he wants to do with this PS3 Kinect hack, all designed to make the Xbox 360 controller work better with the PS3, so this may be something to keep an eye on. Perhaps in a year or so, he’ll have the Kinect working perfectly with a PS3.

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  • James R.

    Great 'hack'! I love the level of depth that some of the hackers are doing with the Kinect now a days. I mean just take a look at all the new ones that are coming out on a daily basis <a href="here">here</a&#62;.

    I think that the mainstream will begin to really take in the Kinect once the SDK comes out in the next couple of months. In fact I really think thats when the Kinect 'hacks' will really hit the mainstream with the commercial applications of it.