Bullet-Point Impressions: Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo 3DS

Today marks the first time I ever stood in a line to get a new gaming system on release day. Thankfully, it was just the Nintendo 3DS, meaning there wasn’t much of a line. The guy at GameStop did say there were more people there than expected (he was the only one on staff from the early 9am opening until 10am), but I was in and out in ten minutes.

As such, I’m now home with my Nintendo 3DS. And although I’ll be back out early this afternoon to take advantage of the Toys R Us buy one, get the second for 50% off game deal, here are my initial thoughts on Nintendo’s latest update to the DS gaming system.

  1. It’s smaller than I expected, but you have to realize I’m used to playing games on the DSi XL. It’s more in line with the size of the DSi, of course, although it is as tall as the XL.
  2. I kind of dig the tri-tone effect of the system’s sides. And although the shiny, reflective surface of the top piece looks good now, fingerprints will quickly muck it up. I’ll be watching GelaSkins for support of the 3DS.
  3. The charging cradle is a nice addition. We’ve all read about the low battery life of the 3DS, and the ability to rest it in a cradle at night should not only solve that problem, but also make sure you know where it is each time you want to play it.
  4. There are only two points of articulation when flipping back the screen. I’m assuming this it keep the 3D effect in check.
  5. Getting the stylus out of the system is not nearly as intuitive as in the DS. You’ll need to flip the system over to get to it.
  6. It takes a few seconds to power up.
  7. Play around with the 3D slider upon first launch. For me, the best 3D effect wasn’t with the slider up all the way, as that caused some gray flickering. Rather it was just a bit below the maximum setting.
  8. Face Raiders is an absolutely perfect game to include for free. Easy to play and fun to set-up and look at, I can think of no better way to show off the 3D effect to your friends.
  9. When I first took a picture of myself in Face Raiders, it told me I have a “Young Man’s Face.” Thanks, Nintendo, but I’ve already bought the system. No need for brown nosing.
  10. On the other hand, using a photo as a starting point for creating your Mii character in Mii Maker may be a bit insulting. I may have a young man’s face, but I also apparently have inhumanly large cheeks.
  11. It’s true that playing standard DS games at full screen does make them a bit blurry, but I may actually prefer that over the pixelated look of playing DS games on the DSi XL.

And that’s it for now. We’ll surely have more coverage and reviews before long, but now it’s time to head out to pick up a couple of games. If you have any to recommend or other thoughts to share, let us know.

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  • Jenni Lada

    Apparently, Face Raiders first thought I had the face of an infant woman the first time I took a picture with it. The Mii creator actually did a good job making a Mii with my picture. I just needed to add glasses.

  • Kirk Hiner

    The first time, I was a young man. Then I became an adult face. My coworker (a man) was considered a young woman. I don't know why Nintendo tries this stuff. It always gets them in trouble!