Xenoblade Chronicles definitely being released in Europe

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(ゼノブレイド Xenoblade Chronicles Wii

Good news Europe, you’re guaranteed a new Wii RPG this year. Nintendo of Europe just confirmed it today. Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles, known as just Xenoblade in Japan, will be released in 2011. Good for you! You’re going to get an incredibly awesome new game.

Xenoblade Chronicles is an action RPG. Players control Shulk, who acquires the Monado sword and heads off to get revenge on the people who destroyed his home. He’s joined by his friends Fiorung, Rein, Dunban and later a few other companions. Presumably, this will cause all of them to get involved in some kind of conflict, prompting the party to join the Bionis side in a war between two areas. Could that maybe result in them saving their world? Maybe! You know how these JRPGs go!

Did I mention that the whole game takes place on the backs of two dead gods? It does. The gods fought each other years ago, died and now all of these colonies are set up on their backs.

Xenoblade Chronicles will have a number of neat features to make it more unique. Players can make friends with NPCs during certain sidequests, which will have an effect on reputation and unlock extra quests. Time can also be controlled a bit, as you can choose what time it is to possibly unlock extra quests or areas or see visions of a possible future Shulk can prevent. Also, like many other JRPGs, characters have costumes so you can change their appearance. Nintendo is also keeping the Japanese voice acting in, in case people prefer that to the English dub.

While Nintendo has been hinting that North America will get Xenoblade too, this news isn’t anything to get excited about. Nintendo has occasionally been favoring Europe over North America when it comes to certain Wii and DS games. For example, Europe ended up getting Freshly-Picked: Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland (DS), the Hotel Dusk sequel Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (DS), Another Code: R – A Journey into Lost Memories (Wii) and Disaster: Day of Crisis (Wii), and North America didn’t. I’m thinking that we’ll see a worldwide release of Xenoblade, but let’s be cautiously optimistic for now so we don’t get our hopes up.

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