Buy Frog Minutes, help Japan earthquake relief efforts

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Frog Minutes

If there’s one thing iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners need, it’s one more app. It doesn’t matter how many apps you already have in your iOS device, you still need one more. Frog Minutes is the next one you need to get. It’s a fun and relaxing little game about frogs. Everybody loves frogs!

Besides, if you buy Frog Minutes, you’re helping to make a difference. This is a charity iOS game. Grasshopper Manufacture is giving every cent made off of this 99¢ game to the Japanese Red Cross. So people in Japan who have been affected by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami benefit. You’re doing good and getting a game that’s both entertaining and educational.

Frog Minutes is all about catching frogs. But you can’t just run up and grab them. You have to make them happy first. That means catching the bugs that they would like to eat. So you have to explore the area you’re in first to find frogs and bugs, to get an idea of what’s there and what you need. Then, you need to tap the bugs. Find the right ones, and you can feed the frog. If the frog is satisfied, you can then catch him.

Your goal in Frog Minutes is to reach 100% completion initially, collecting all the encyclopedia information on every frog in the game. But there’s still more to do after that. Achievements can be earned by collecting frogs even after you’ve found every single one. Plus, there’s also a frog puzzle that can only be completed if you continue collecting.

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