Spidey’s coming back this Fall in Spider-Man: Edge of Time

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Spider Man Edge of Time Activision informally announced a new Spider-Man game during its last conference call with investors. The publisher’s last Spider-Man effort, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions must have done well enough to warrant another game with the same developer. If it didn’t do well, we have a pretty reasonable idea of what Activision would have done. Spider-Man: The Edge of time was announced today and it’s currently in development at Beenox.

Spider-Man: The Edge of Time is a DeLorean-less time traveling adventure. The story is stretched out across two timelines. One timeline belongs to the Amazing Spider-Man, and the other takes place during Spider-Man 2099. Staying true to the very real perils of time traveling, Edge of Time presents consequences for performing certain actions. Whatever one Spider-Man does in his timeline can directly effect the other’s timeline.

The game’s story is being written by Peter David, the co-creator of Spider-Man 2099. He’ll lend a lot of credibility to the events that will transpire.

Spider-Man: The Edge of Time will be released this fall. Activision hasn’t announced which consoles it’ll be available for ($60 bucks says every console except PSP).

If you’re going to be at Wondercon 2011 next month, you can check out the game at the Activision/Spider-Man panel on April 2.

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