Minecraft’s April Fools’ update is a Minecraft Store

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Minecraft Microtransaction Megatransaction Cash Shop Store April FoolsMojang’s got its April Fools’ gag in effect, and it playfully pokes at Valve’s Team Fortress 2. More specifically, at the cash shop. See, there’s now a fake Minecraft microtransaction shop filled with all kinds of ridiculous and overpriced items. Oh, and Steve Co. Supply Crates have been added to the game.

Since the Steve Co. boxes might be what leads you to The Minecraft Store cash shop, let’s start there. As you explore Minecraft, doing your scavenging, attacking or building thing, you may come across a box. If you investigate it closer, you will find it sealed. The only way to open it is to go to some mysterious, new store and acquire a key. That takes you to The Minecraft Store.

Of course, you can also just access the fake store via the Minecraft website. Don’t bother getting your credit card out. Just click around and enjoy yourself. You’ll find $3 Steve Co. Supply Crate keys, $99 Name Change tokens or even a $42 Creeper Saddle. The best option is the $494 Response from Support, which guarantees somebody from Mojang will actually listen to your questions. (I’m sure actual help would be an additional fee.)

If you really want some fun, and aren’t in an area where having the sound on your computer will cause a disruption, then add some items to your cart. Then click Proceed to Checkout! Something special will happen. (I won’t spoil the surprise for you!)

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