How To: Make the most of the 3DS’ StreetPass function

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Everyone’s hyped up about the 3DS and a little function known as StreetPass. See, if you go out into the real world with your 3DS in standby and pass by other 3DS users doing the same, certain games may exchange information automatically. You may get new Miis on your system in your Mii Plaza, allowing you to play mini-games. If you have save data from games like Nintendogs + Cats, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition or Samurai Warrior Chronicles, then you might exchange information, gifts or perhaps even battle. It’s a rather neat way to safely interact with other gamers and enhance your playing experience, and implemented in a much better way than it was on the DS.

The thing is, StreetPass hits can be difficult to get right now. The 3DS only just came out on March 27, 2011. A lot of people haven’t adopted the system yet. Many are waiting for May, when the eShop, internet browser and SpotPass features become available. Others are also waiting for certain games to be released later this summer. So if you want to really maximize your chance for StreetPass hits now, you have to be smart.

Here are three good tips for possibly exchanging StreetPass data.

Keep your 3DS with you when going out!

This recommendation is just common sense. Whenever you go out to a place where there’ll be more than 10 people gathering or milling around, bring your 3DS and make sure it’s in standby mode. You never know who could have a 3DS in their pocket, backpack or purse and you might just find some new Miis or StreetPass matches. Keeping your system with you throughout your day is a good first step.

If you want to actively search for other 3DS users, then there are a few places you can go that might just guarantee you StreetPass notifications. Visiting your local GameStop or game store might result in hits. (Especially since the workers might own and have 3DS units with them.) You might also want to walk around a mall. If there’s a college campus nearby, you may want to walk around their quad. If a sci-fi, comic, anime or gaming convention in town that you’re interested in, then try to attend with your 3DS in tow.

Surprisingly enough, a movie theater may also be a good choice. Just make sure your system’s volume is down, it’s in standby mode and you don’t actually check to see if you’ve gotten any StreetPass hits while the movie is playing.

Check Facebook.

Facebook is an awesome resource for finding people to do the StreetPass thing. Plus, you can find 3DS owners near you within a matter of minutes. It’s quite easy. Just search for the word StreetPass on Facebook, then choose to only look for groups that discuss or mention StreetPass. Even though the 3DS has only been available for a short time, quite a few groups have already been created.

Most Facebook 3DS meetup groups are titled StreetPass or 3DS StreetPass, followed by the name of a major city. I just did a search, putting in StreetPass and Chicago, and immediately a group with 19 members popped up. Many of the groups have moderated membership, so you may have to wait to be approved before you can start talking and meeting other 3DS owners. Meetups typically take place in a public place, where members of the group can meet for a few minutes, or perhaps even just all mill around at a specified time to wirelessly and effortlessly exchange data.

Join forums.

If all else fails, then perhaps it’s time to join a forum. That way you know you’ll be talking to like-minded people. Sure, you may not find a lot of people in your immediate vicinity, but it can still be helpful. Plus, you can find people to exchange friend codes for online, multiplayer games.

Here are two examples of places you could go.

  • Nintendo 3DS Forums is a fairly new community and is starting to build a rather nice member base. There are meetup posts there where people can interact, talk about games or arrange multiplayer matches.
  • GoNintendo has a huge and thriving community. You’ll probably have more luck finding people to exchange friend codes with for multiplayer games here, than StreetPass meetups.

Remember – if you decide to go to a meetup you learned about online, whether it’s from a Facebook group or forum, be safe! Only attend a meetup if it is in a public place and perhaps see if a friend would go with you. And, if you’re underage, make sure a parent or guardian knows you’re going to attend a StreetPass meetup and has all the details.

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