Best Buy’s April 10 – 16 sale ad gives gift cards with Xbox 360 and 3DS purchases

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Dance Central Xbox 360 Kinect

Best Buy’s April 10-16, 2011 ad is waiting in your local papers, and it has a few select deals worth checking out. There aren’t any super special or drastic price drops, but this is going to be a good week to grab a couple gift cards. Whether you want an Xbox 360, some Xbox 360 games or some 3DS games, you could be set. Also, there’s a custom iPod Touch bundle you could build.

As you can guess, there’s an Xbox 360 system deal this week. Instead of being the standard 4gb system, it’s the 4gb system with Kinect. It’s $299.99 as usual, but you get a free $50 gift card with it. So you could put that towards a game, if you want. Dance Central (Xbox 360) is $10 off this week and currently $39.99, so maybe come back and use that gift card on that.

You can also get $10 gift cards with 2 select game purchases. All the Xbox 360 Kinect games are part of this promotion – buy two and you get the $10 card to use on a future purchase. The same goes for all 3DS games, buy two, get $10 credit.

Finally, there’s the iPod Touch deal. An 8gb iPod Touch is very slightly discounted this week, marked down to $224.99 from $229.99. If you like, you can grab it, a two-pack of cases, a Belkin charging kit and Smokin’ Buds earbuds for $264.96.

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