Sony and George Hotz reach a settlement

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Geohot Sony’s lawsuit against George Hotz has come to an anti-climatic end. We can’t say it hasn’t been an exciting ride these past few months. Hotz kept us entertained by rapping and taking a trip to South America, while Sony attempted to scorch the internet free of any traces of Hotz’s infamous PS3 hack. In the end, it’s hard to determine who actually won the case. Legally speaking, it’s a draw.

Earlier today, Sony announced that it and George Hotz settled their lawsuit on March 31 in San Francisco, CA. Sony isn’t going to get a ton of money from Hotz, nor is he going to serve any time behind bars. Very little details about the settlement were given, but Hotz agreed to a permanent injunction.

The permanent injunction doesn’t require Hotz to do anything different than what was ordered of him when this lawsuit was still going on. Hotz can’t distribute materials about hacking the PS3 ever again. It’s about the legal equivalent of going to his room to think about what he has done. There were other conditions surrounding the settlement, but those remain confidential at this time.

So what is Hotz going to do now that this crazy lawsuit is behind him? He’s going to boycott Sony. On his blog, Hotz stated that he will “never purchase another SONY product.” Hotz recommends others also boycott Sony and return any products they may have purchased.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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