Guitar Hero isn’t dead, just sleeping

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Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock PS3 Xbox 360

First, Activision declared Guitar Hero dead. Then, it said that the series was gone, but it would still provide a few more DLC track packs after over 3 million people “liked” the official Facebook Guitar Hero page. Now the series is apparently just taking a little break. Make up your mind Activision Blizzard!

Dan Winters, Vice President of Developer Relations for Activision Blizzard, spoke with and spoke out about the Guitar Hero shuffle Activision’s had us all dancing to. Guitar Hero is on hiatus, not dead, and there just won’t be a Guitar Hero 7 in 2011. Maybe we’ll just see it in 2012 instead. Winters also said that the series won’t be going away and Activision still has plans for the series.

The interview also touched on a few other Activision Blizzard games and their status. Apparently, Call of Duty, Spyro and that game with Bungie all fall into the “good” camp, while True Crime: Hong Kong settled comfortably in “mediocre-bad.” Winters confirmed that the cancelled True Crime would probably have been good, but also probably wouldn’t have sold well enough to suit Activision Blizzard.

Winters didn’t comment on the status of DJ Hero to, so we’ll still have to wonder what’s going on with that series. You can be optimistic and think it’s taking a well-deserved time out as well, but those $29.99 and $39.99 copies of the DJ Hero and DJ Hero 2 bundles may argue otherwise. I’ll admit, it is a shame. A friend picked up a $29.99 DJ Hero bundle and I think I had more fun with that then I have with the last two entries of Guitar Hero.

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