Kinect update for Netflix drops today

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Netflix Xbox 360

First you were the controller, now you are the remote. Kinect support for Netflix on Xbox 360 is available today for your updating pleasure. Now instead of pushing buttons on the Xbox 360 controller like a high tech caveman, you can use your hand and voice to select and play content.

Netflix support for Kinect was announced last January at CES. It’s not the most groundbreaking feature in the world, but controlling Netflix through gesture and voice controls is sure to impress anyone who has never seen Kinect in person.

Remember, you have to be a Xbox Live Gold subscriber to access Netflix. This feature is also only available in the United States and Canada.

Netflix for Kinect does have its limitations. For example, gesture and voice controls only work with recommended titles that are found in the Kinect Hub from the Xbox 360 Dashboard. These movies and TV shows take full advantage of Kinect from start to finish. For content that isn’t in the Kinect Hub, you’ll have to start the content with the Xbox 360 controller before you can switch to Kinect to navigate through them.

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