PlayStation Home v1.5 releases today

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Earlier this year at GDC, Sony revealed major changes to PlayStation Home. It’s not the visual overhaul that was rumored previously, but the update will make Home more equipped to host real-time multiplayer games. This morning, PlayStation Home will be updated to version 1.5.

This update is really meant for developers, but the public stands to benefit from their future creations. Developers will have access to more tools that will allow their games to have better visuals, animations and physics. The biggest addition to this update has to be real-time multiplayer. We’re used to multiplayer with full games, but now PlayStation Home will be able to provide multiplayer experiences of similar quality. SodiumTwo will be the first game to showcase these new multiplayer features.

This update isn’t all for developers. Expect to see changes to the Navigator, save slots for up to 24 avatars, chat logs tweaks and more.

Via [PlayStation Blog] Read [PushSquare]

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